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Promotional gifts

In addition to promotional flags, pop up tents, logo mats, sticker, signs etc, you can order also all promotional gifts from us. Pretty confortable to order all from one place, right?

Here is only few things we offer:

Promotional giftsPromotional giftsPromotional giftsPromotional giftsPromotional giftsPromotional gifts

On different items we use different techniques to print the logo:

  • Engraving: metal, wood, glass. E.g. thermos mugs, usb memory sticks, pens, glasses etc.
  • Tampoprint: ceramics, metal, plastic, carton. E.g. pens, mugs, note books, fans etc.
  • Silk screen: textile. E.g. clothing, different bags, umbrellas, fans, balloons etc.
  • Transferprint: ceramics, textile. E.g. mugs, clothing, bags etc.
  • Offset: E.g. fans
  • Embroidering: textile. E.g. clothing, towels.
  • Weaving: textile. E.g. socks, towels
  • Embossing: leather. E.g. keyrings, usb memory sticks, wallets etc
  • Thermoprint: textile. E.g. clothing, umbrellas, but also tents and chairs
  • Sublimation: textile, ceramics. E.g. clothing, mugs.
  • Digiprint: paper, textile. E.g. covers of the sweets, parking clocks, towels, tube bandanas, flags etc.
  • UV print: plastic, aluminum, ceramics. E.g. pens, puzzles, golf balls, speakers, usb memories etc.
  • 3D stciker: E.g. keyrings, usb memories, badges etc.

For price offer, please let us know following: item, amount, logo, deadline 

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