Wardrobe numbers

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Wardrobe numbers

We produce wardrobe numbers according to your order. Either you need short-term cheaper or long-term more expensive numbers, we can offer both. Just let us know where and for how long you need them. We can offer the right material.

  • metal
  • engraving plastic
  • thin pvc
  • laminated paper

Print or engraving one- or two-sided.

Possible places to use: schools, universities, theatres, cinemas, supermarkets, museums, concerts, fairs etc.

Wardrobe numbersWardrobe numbers

For price offer, please send us following information: measure, design (size of the hole), amount, material, deadline. 

Production time depending on the quantity and material, starts from 1 week., metal numbers from 3 weeks.

Direction signs you can order here.

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Wardrobe numbers
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