Outdoor Stand

Product information

The outdoor stand is intended for outdoor use. The stand has weight tanks for the feet, which can be filled with water or sand. Carrying cases are also included to make the stand easier to transport.

Features of outdoor stand:

  • suitable for outdoor use;
  • anodized aluminum frame;
  • can be used one-sided or two-sided;
  • the height of the advertisement is adjustable from 1500-2400 mm, the width is 2500 mm;
  • the maximum size of the stand is 2500 x 3000 m;
  • advertising space is a maximum of 6 m2 / side;
  • advertisement is attached with eyelets.

Price includes:

  • anodized aluminum construction;
  • 2 carrying cases;
  • gravity tanks filled with water or sand.

For a quote, please let us know if you would like a one-sided or two-sided stand & a deadline.

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Outdoor Stand
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