Sky Dancers

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With an easy dancing moves, these sky dancers dance in front of different buildings and with their silent moves they let everyone know that something is going on. The message is every time different – new shop is open, there is a birthday or just next sale coming up.

The buildings are different – amusement parks, supermarkets, small shops or a private party in someones backyard. Slowly dancing sky dancer draws quickly the attention you are looking for and people know that there is something going on.

Features of a sky dancer:

  • made of thin and light nylon;
  • sky dancers are dancing on a music of an airflow which comes from powerful blowers, which is attached to the sky dancers leg;
  • blowers amount according to the amount of legs (1 or 2);
  • amount of legs according to your order (1 or 2);
  • height of the sky dancer according to your order 4-7 m;
  • design according to your order.

How to set up:

  • attach wheels to the blowers, so that it will be higher and gets air (the wheels are included in a set);
  • put the blower somewhere higher, so that it gets air;
  • attach the sky dancer to the blower by using hook and loop fastener;
  • do not close the strings on the hands and head all the way, the air must go through;
  • plug the wire;
  • make sure that it has enough room to “dance”, so that it would not get stuck to anything or rub to anything;
  • unplug and pack it for the next event.

Production time: 3-5 business days.

For a price offer, please send us the following information: height, amount of legs, amount of dancers, deadline.

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Sky Dancers
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