Promotional Clothing

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We print logos and slogans on shirts, jackets, scarves, scarves, pants, etc.

We use four different methods depending on the quantity, material and wishes:

  • Hot stamping – logo or cut from a strong hot stamping film and pressed on a high temperature (140-170 ° C) cloth. Suitable for small quantities, including names and numbers.
  • Screen printing – the color is applied through the silk cloth, a separate frame is made for each color, there are no color transitions. Suitable for larger quantities.
  • Embroidery – for applying simpler and smaller logos. Please send the embroidery size, purpose, quantity and print file for the price.
  • Sublimation.

For a quote, please provide the following information: product, quantity, design / idea (print size, color, etc.), deadline.


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Promotional Clothing
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