Flag Accessories

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If necessary, additional bases and weights can be purchased for the flag.

There are 8 different flag accessories to choose from:

Cross base is suitable for use on hard soils, for example asphalt, gravel, grass, hard snow.

Chrome leg is recommended to use on hard soils, such as asphalt, gravel, grass and hard snow.

Ground spike is a good solution for soft soils, such as sand. Screwed into the ground.

Metal ground spike can be used for larger flags. Screwed into the ground.

Spike is suitable for soft soils such as beach, sand, soft snow.

Flag base for car wheel can be used under the car wheel.

Plate is suitable for smaller flags and indoor spaces.

Water bag gives an additional weight of 15 kg when filled with water or 19 kg when filled with sand.

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Flag Accessories
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