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About us

When we talk about prominence, professional service, price and production speed – Stereo Meedia is the best provider of advertising solutions. Stereo Meedia is one of the most innovative advertising companies in Estonia. The advertising solutions we offer are innovative and clearly different from the rest of the environment, because in the current market situation it is important to stand out.

Having long-term experience in the advertising market, we can help and find a solution for even the most demanding customer. Our priority is customer satisfaction, fast delivery time and professional service.


Stereo Meedia OÜ

Paavli 6b, Tallinn 10412


IBAN: EE651010220195571227

Reg. no: 11404108

VAT no: EE101161330

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Clients are talking

"Thank you very much Airi for the good service again."

(Eesti) Suomen Sukitustarvike Oy, Karo

"Thank you! The carpets are really good for their purpose and beautiful. In the future, we will be happy to contact you when we need similar products."

(Eesti) Länsi-Tampereen Eläinystäväsi Lääkäri Oy, Juliska

"We received the package. Thank you very much, the bags and stickers are very beautiful! :) Also thank you for such a nice cooperation! If we want to order something else in the future, we will definitely contact your company!"

Mehiläinen Eesti OÜ, Eleen Jääger

"Thank you for the beautiful bags and fast service!"

Sigwar OÜ, Ivi Jäger

"Thank you very much for your pleasant cooperation!"

University of Tartu Library, Elena Sipria-Mironov

"We just got the reflectors, they came very beautiful, thank you very much! And thanks for the snow scraper!"

Hansab AS, Britta

"The shipment arrived, thank you for this. It's better than I expected. Because the delivery went so fast and the output was great, it gives us new opportunities in the future."

Hankiworks Oy, Tuomo Ryynänen

"We are excited. Thank you for your pleasant cooperation."

Rapla Gymnasium, Triin

"We received the lanyards and we are very satisfied. Thanks :)"

Pro Beauté OÜ, Liis

"Thank you very much Birgit! Excellent communication and fast service!"

ProSecurity Partner OÜ, Elari

"We received things and everything fits very well :) Thank you very much and sincerely for your quick and efficient work and organization!"

Police and Border Guard Board, Heleri

"I wanted to say thank you again for a beautiful and high-quality product! We were very satisfied with the photo wall. Until next time."

British Embassy Tallinn, Sandra

"I am very satisfied with the service. The towel itself is very good and everyone has praised it :)"

SanTrust OÜ, Ken

"We got the umbrellas! Thank you! Very well made and high quality! Until new orders :)"

MTÜ Himmaste, Andres

"Thanks for the great air arc. It has been good to use at our orienteering events!"

Liikup OY, Eero Matti

"The package arrived to us yesterday and the quality is excellent. Thank you for your prompt delivery and cooperation."

Fortright Solutions OY, Joel

"Thanks, the backpack arrived and was very great :)"

Printworks, Jenni

"Your work is so fast and decent that we need another product - Roll Up."

Tootjavastutusorganisatsioon OÜ, Gaili

"Thank you for good service. We will continue to order products from you."

Pyreneittenmastiffit ry, Pyreneittenmastiffit ry

"What beautiful cups! They look luxurious!"

Sigwar OÜ, Sigwar OÜ

"The bags arrived nicely and we are very pleased with the result."

Pintmann Grupp OÜ, Ly Voolaid

"I got the reflector animals and I'm very pleased - thank you :)"

Laursen OÜ, Ulrika Paju

"The signs are very nice. Thank you for acting fast."

Invego OÜ, Kätlin Ossip

"Thank you. The photo wall is very beautiful - we like it :)"

Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Kaie Luik

"We put the table and the wall together - really nice! Big thanks!"

Grant Thornton Baltic OÜ, Gerli Soosalu

"Big thanks! The goods arrived and were very nice."

Estonian Sheep and Goat Breeders Association, Katrin Tambet

"We would like to thank you very much for placing and executing a very successful order in the form of BEST-Estonia sweaters. We are very satisfied!"

Best Estonia, Marita Haho

"The signs are very good and already in place!"

Properta Asianajotoimisto Oy, Hanna-Maija Elo

"They look very cool."

FOB Solutions OÜ, Birgit Kuuse

"Looks fantastic!"

Helsinki Burlesque, Petra Innanen

"Everything worked great and looked good."

IM ARVUTID AS, Silja Kalda

"Thank you for good service."

RaceProCenter Finland Oy, Timo Virtanen

"We received the bags - we are very grateful - the bags are so beautiful :)"

EEKBL, Iren Mõttus

"Towels very beautiful and good size :)"

Corrigo OÜ, Sirje Pikhoff

"The towels arrived today, I peeked into the box and it looks good. Thank you!"

Endurance Ultrarunning Team Finland Ry, Juha Palenius

"Thank you for the fast delivery and good service!"

Christel Stenius,

"Chocolates are here :) Thank you so much for such a quick job!"

Daisy Inslermann, Daisy Inslermann

"We were satisfied with the chocolates, they taste good too!"

ON24, Anna Toots

"Glad to work with you!"

Pomarfin Oy, Matti Noponen

"The reflectors arrived and I am really happy with them! Thank you for the super good service!"


"The carpet arrived and is great! Great job from you. I will tell others where to order and maybe next season we will need a new carpet :-) Thank you very much, you are great!"

KooKoo B,

"The goods arrived and look very good :)"

Valotar Oy, Henri Tikkinen

"Thank you for the fast delivery of the ropes. Everything was as agreed and the fair was a success for us."

Miraz Trading Oy, Timo Tyynysniemi

"Thank you for the good and fast delivery."

Vihtavuoren Baptistiseurakunta, Markku Tiitinen

"The candy is very good."

PRO Kosmeetika OÜ, Kaili Kruuse

"Thank you for your pleasant cooperation! We are very satisfied with your order! The book is low cost but great quality!"

Kohtla-Järve City Government, Kultuurikeskuse Family

"Thank you very much for a successful gate, it's great!"

Tivoli Sariola, Anna Sariola-Sakko
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