Packing Tape With Logo

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Make your company more visible by using packing tape with your logo! It is certain advertisiment without advertising fee. Packing tape with your logo makse sure you are visible all the way from your warehous to clients warehouse.

Features of packing tape:

  • width – 18 mm, 36 mm, 50 mm, 72 mm or 144 mm;
  • roll – 66 m;
  • thickness – 28 my, 32 my, PVC tape is 33 my;
  • different types available depending of usage – acrylic, solvent, low noise, freezer, silent, PVC, kraft. Most common tape is acrylic mostly because of the price.

For more confortable usage order also dispenser!

Minimum quantity 36 rolls.

Production time 3-4 weeks.

For a price offer, please send us the following information: width, design, amount of rolls, width, deadline.

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Packing Tape With Logo
Packing tape with your logo on it is the best advertising from your office to your customer and this for free!
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